As Love

As Love

Until then I suppose
I only deserve punishment
Being white and a man
And having or not having
Any of the many accused privileges
I’ve been purported to have
Like being hated, berated and blamed
Rightly or wrongly
For every spec of any aspect
Of contemporary human culture
From caveman to commissioner
Being held personally responsible for
And indebted to
Even silenced in political prisons
In recompense for our ancestor’s sins of survival
Sins of greed
Sins of omission
Sins of hope
Sins of misguided compassion
In the mud and the blood and the sweat
Of our magnificent human race

As if I was somehow blessed and free
Of any problems or hurdles of my own
And didn’t deserve respect
Because I had been born given everything
Everybody else merely dreamed of
Or prayed or payed dearly for
In desperation
In the millions of human lifetimes
Of being both woman and man
And everything and every race between
Of any former, current or future humanity
Or beings to be
And that there’s no heaven or hell going on
Inside each human heart I see
A humanity earned
That can’t be stripped
Or replaced
By any form of hate or state
Disguised and proclaimed and enforced falsely
As love

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