GOD gave us lust
So we could learn
What are the gifts
That come from controlling lust
As in redirecting its energy
To higher forms of power
Such as knowing

The difference between
Lust and lovemaking
Is that lovemaking
Gets a pass
From the power that IS
Left out of the equation
And lust doesn’t

Lust anger greed pride
And attachment
But of all these
Lust ordinarily is the one
Gotten rid of last

On the road to sainthood aspirant
Rabbi blessed mother
A road all travel
Sooner or later
We make the same mistake a thousand times
Until we don’t
And that is why forgiveness exists
And why mercy
Is abundantly sought and offered
To whoever places their incapacitation
Into the hands of Jesus Christ

PS: Meher Baba approved…it is written
So be it
Free the falsely accused and imprisoned

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