Happy Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection Day

Look what we got here!
It’s not a scurrying cockroach
Trying to escape
The startlingly brazen light

That’s just another weeping ape
Cried so hard
Wore its own hair away
Clean on down to the naked skin
Lookin’ in on its ugly hairless face
They said it was the acid from the tears
Cried so hard
Through a multitude of
Unremunerative years
Said sorry for being this late
What with close ancestral vagabond wannabes
Forever plunging through the abounding agape
Behind your eyes
Leaving a tiny spec of a token
Behind in their mind
In its stead
In their head
In honor of the honor of the honor
Of the living dead
But never broken
Inscribed inherently
Forever and in everything

I introduced her to
The holy ghost
A true spiritual advisor
Knock knock
And the door will be
Opened to you
In victory and disaster
The breath and life
The epitome of love
And she shook the hand by the heart
Of the ancient fire paraclete

But to her it was an unmitigated unrequested
Unrequited obsolete obstacle
To her true push
And chase of what she termed
The new delusional dragon
Of true happiness
Steeds of perfect
Stunning machiavellian charm
Farms perfect passion
Of the white wash ransomer
In the repressing segregationist prisons
Of women, african americans, hispanics
Orientals, muslims, jews, indians, sikhs, tibetans,
Christian atheist anti-theists and on and on
No irish need apply
Or the silent science of sin
The sin within broken familial muted cries
The hidden unspoken
Viral mortal infectious sin
And many other former pillars
Of the great new culture architecture
Book damning ‘meet and greet’
From shakespeare to dr. seuss
Of the bygone white master race
Hydrogen bomb building patriarch
Claimed a plethora
Of closeted communist columnist
Bigoted anti god theologians for change
Through subjugation
Inner-net democracy strangulation
In the long run
Mark Twain

Just to think
I offered her a life boat
And a golden ticket
To cross the harvest king’s
Dire mote
You might think WTF is that now?
To the pot of gold?
To the not a joke?
But she just laughed
And gradually doggie dog paddled herself
Away to a distant forbidden planet
That she owned property on
Before it became forbidden
So we can still go there
With a protracted
Stayaway in
One way only
Happy Resurrection Day
Ever present

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