For Any Country To Be

For Any Country To Be

There’s too many americans out there
Who think they’re just not getting
The truth anymore
Living in a country
Where post fact propaganda
Is a pre fact awakening from the nightmare
Where worth is based entirely on economics
Of what’s happening right under the noses
Of anyone who currently
Believes the NEWS as well most other
Media magnate movers and shaker outlets
Are abiding by the law
And disseminating factually impartial
And politically unbiased information
Without deceitful or deliberately misleading intent
Nor do they lie to validate or sanction someone
Else’s obviously perfumed
And sanitized opinions with hidden
Agendas piggybacked in with
The simple purpose
Of dismantling
The ideology that makes everyone equal innately
In the eyes of GOD
Now awakening
Reveals the threads of lies spun
Around the little finger
Of the pied piper
And that’s a dangerous place
For any country to be
Especially one that has
A supposedly democratic government

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