The Inside Of The Insider

The Inside Of The Insider

We are all one consciousness
One ocean with trillions
Of drops
Of water
Called souls, atmas, paramatmas
Jivatmas, witnesses,
A student of the Guru
Somewhere in oneness ohm vibration of yoga Allah, Jesus
Yahweh, Jehova, Beloved Avatar
May I shine

Like water shines in the sun
Souls are in the image of GOD
Drops individual entities
Made by GOD
The drop does not realize it is GOD
Until approximately 60,000,000
Births and deaths
Beginning with sub quantum
Inert creatures
Distinct from and
Breathed into spirit
Energy by and for
Existence made by GOD
Progressing through
Stone, metal, plant animal etc. kingdoms
Until finally human –
Indeed being human
One is well on their ways
Somewhere south of only 8.4 million human lifetimes
Remain until you are now inside of the insider

Time heals all wounds
We slowly forget it
It would consume our very will to live
if not forgotten
If we let it

But sanskaras have a way
Of remembering us
Looking into our wounds
Even if we no longer
Through the tears and the scars
In the transcendence of stars
Can’t you see it

The best thing I like about poetry
Is there are no rules
If you agree to pay the price
In being mostly alone
If not in all ways and means
Derisive to the the thoughtlessly derived
For seemingly endless durations
Of lineages and lines
In the bondage of physicality
In the extraction of pure ocean
In celebration of the kingdom of reality

Realizing today
I might never see you again
I just moved wayaway
Perhaps not so faraway today
As information’s technical recognizance
Kicks in
More to survive
Even though I’m old
I seem to continue young again

And what do you know
To actually one day stop wishing
On a star
One of those wild dreams
That fade away
That never had much hope to come true
(Who do you think you are)
Certainly not to get away from you
But just to survive
Though I am always with you

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