Deepest Roses

Deepest Roses

Why segregate ourselves
By augmenting and deepening the rifts
Between factions and persuasions
Politics and precepts,
Ethnic and racial divides
With all the claiming and blaming
Politics as usual
Accentuating the differences
Heightening the rage
Building walls, driving wedges
Guzzling the media-centric kool-aid
Spiked with transient
Post modern
Programmable hypnotic implants

Why not celebrate
Things that unite us as human
Things we can do together
What we can learn from each other
What we can give to each other
The things we can heal in each other
One human family
One soul
With liberty and justice
And if not justice
Then mercy
In the pursuit of love
For all
Is what spirituality is,
What religion attempts to be
As a formula, or a system
Or an instruction manual
Or a cultural re-education program
With boxes and boxes
Of time honored methodological tools
To augment the transmission

But if I had a wish to wish
In the garden of flowers and dreams
It would be
To experience the intoxicating fragrance there,
Of your deepest roses

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