Hurt You

Hurt You

When one says
I don’t want to hurt you
It means
I don’t want to have to observe
Or be guilty
Or in any way held responsible
Or in any way be indebted to anyone
For having hurt you

Which means
This uncommunicative thing
Is so offending
They don’t think you could even handle
What they have in store for you
Which means
Its something so bad
We’re not allowed
To even know it

Which does not in any way console
The recipient of this statement
At all
Making whatever is that might be,
Perhaps worse
And one must now somehow soldier on
With some nonspecific apprehension hanging
Like a cloud over their head

Like some passive aggressive
Worm on a hook

Like I love you
Like a poem

Or aren’t there any words
For what the heart can’t bear
What it doesn’t even know itself
In languages formed
In the joyful painful echoes
Through the ancient hollows
Of our soul

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