Go Giants

Go Giants

When I watched sporting events
As a younger man
It often became life or death with me
And was known to become depressed
For as much as a week
If events hadn’t gone my team’s way

Although deep down I knew
It didn’t mean diddly-squat;
Just a “not that far back” token
For our ancient war instinct
And there’s nothing wrong with that,
But the reality
Of what appeared as an actual event
Is an event perceived
To a greater or lesser degree
From a limited state of mind
Seemed to always
Blow all that away

But this lifetime has changed me
I’m the opposite
Now I watch my team often trying to mimic
The passion from before
Like an actor playing a part, still fun
But the foolishness of it all
And the grandeur of what is to come
Mostly outweighs
All those old passions from before –

The engine once a great roar
Now purrs on
With an electric Ommmmm…

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