Highly Realistic Apparitions

Highly Realistic Apparitions

I can’t dunk

I’ve dreamed that I could dunk
(And I don’t mean fake dunks
To give someone
The virtual reality
Sugar Tease Gate
HRA’s (Highly Realistic Apparitions)
To appease the still struggling;
Who always awoke highly disappointed
Yes, exactly ten feet

Of course Dr. J (Julius Erving) can still dunk
Aged mid 60’s
As of now (Youtube)

I try to think of it this way,
Einstein couldn’t dun
Nor Mahatma Gandhi neither
(This is where Jesus would
Normally come into my poem,
But seeing that he can walk on water
I’m not so sure he couldn’t dunk
So I’ve excluded him from the list
(No disrespect intended)

Abraham Lincoln was tall
But still couldn’t dunk
Martin Luther King couldn’t dunk
But had a heart
That could shout
From the sacred hollow
“I Believe!”

Oprah couldn’t dunk
Jimi Hendrik’s could dunk
With or without acid
But not with those bell bottom blues

Elenor Roosevelt couldn’t dunk
SpongeBob SquarePants couldn’t dunk
Unless written into his animation

Let’s face it
Only 1% of people can dunk
OK, maybe as many
As 2.4% of Americans

Don’t feel bad

But jeez… wouldn’t it be great…..?

But then again
If everybody could do it
I don’t believe I’d dream about it much

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