Searching for youth
Beauty and
The delusion of power’s control
With wisdom
A lost and forgotten angel
Straggling somewhere along the road

Sign while the world still loves you
Or go trailblazing through the unknown
The lewis and clark of the soul

Now that you’ve met the Avatar
There’s no longer any need
To regiment your adoration
Think of him
Or any image perceived
To be of him or her or thee
With every breath you breathe

How fortunate am I
To have discovered
The truth of his holy name

Until We Turn Each Other In

Until We Turn Each Other In

Oh infinite indescribable
Inexplicable source of love
I long to do your will
But who am I
That I should know what your will is
Every bomb gives credence to the demon
No one can commit murder
If only you were conscious
In their minds

Does not want us to be
Individual people
But a system to be controlled
In order to squeeze out more power
You could say, a tool
It does not want us to be friends
It wants us to fear
And to hate one another
To segregate it spews misinformation
Worships deceit
To tighten its grip

Until we turn each other in

Rather Grand Display

Rather Grand Display

As long as it’s GOD’s light
And not mistaken
For the sparking electricity
Of the hormonic glandular system
What’s the difference if they merge
So beautifully either way

The difference is
There is no difference
There is really only one
Rather grand display

Celestial Circuitry Transmission

Celestial Circuitry Transmission

I had a great dream
That whoever I could think of
Or picture from here on in
Would be granted their own golden ticket
Right on straight through to heaven, one way
As long as they didn’t forget
It’s easy to lose
Or have stolen away
Bypassing more than a thousand repetition lifetime
Fresh with the initial morning’s
Sparkling treasure chest gleaming anew

On a deep rich golden shining
Super sunday morning
Bright with hope faith love and wizardry
On a new mission mystery minstrel
To a far fangled palatial bloom epiphany
Yeh dopamine
On a pure rich golden mountain accolade to climb
On tantric buddha inner molecule
Super sun radiant quantum nanite celestial circuitry divine
A meet and greet at renunciation station
Riding a million sprinting carbon fountaining lies
What the secret silent scented ambrosial wave way races
In a final farewell
To a trillion superstition nanite endorphins
Ringing in on this mesmerizing phenylethylamine
House of hope
Riding in on
A caravan of love’s symphony



How do you balance
Always putting yourself down
To always holding yourself over
Like a true and false transistor
Or an elite electricity
Any where beyond
The only one who ever really

Wherever you are
Under whatever star
Until you save this dance
Until you give yourself away
To the only one who ever really

The first time e’er I saw her face
I became the human race
If it were a question of cash
You can have my stash
If you’d like me to be honest
When push comes to shove
It begrudgingly fits like a glove
As we give
The ties that bind
Are loosed away

And all I get from these lost threads
Are more threads that ever praise you

As the only one who ever really



And if I say
We will always be together
There is no quip
That I can think of right away
But what’s a poem but a hack
A secret door to an alien kingdom
It takes a million lifetimes to remember
Whatever it is it is
A poem must say

For what’s a man anymore?
Nothing but a tool
To obey orders
Everything else has stringent borders
Less than a dog
Just to be a father
Blamed if it’s finally asked
Why bother
Never mind
Here’s your check

There’s the venom of the snake
There’s a woman clothed like the sun
With her foot pressing down
On the nape of its neck
And the bones in its skull pop
Crackle and snap

There is a gift from a king
There is a bold offering
A holy hand made of pure pandemonium dust
And love is just beginning to ring

Evermore Incredible

Evermore Incredible

I have a somewhat manageable way
To erase my own self pity
It must be administered once a day

It magnifies the comical
Grateful for the despondence
Love is a chemical
To a doorway
A fountain
A gateway
A fortress
A freeway
To the evermore incredible

Dreamy Roadster

Dreamy Roadster

Not being entirely immune from temptation
In the mind
Or by the hand

Or in the heart
Reaching for clues without explanation
To wrestle with
Some elegant rendition running around
In the rat maze of the riddle
In the drunken haze
Of the pied pipering
Designated reservations
To the prophets of the coming soon
To the flautists and the fiddles
In the dynamics of desire
Other than a song
Or an intermittently elegant candy
Or an autumn leaf lost
In a transcendental gaze
Or your poetry in motion
As an evolutionary celebration

There were those days when I might dare it
And investigate the treasure scented veils
Or risk the moon or sacrifice the queen
But those days are gone
Consequence out drifts the restless drifter
I had to learn the hard way
So much so
May I offer you this salutation fission
But my value in the market’s way down
So may I offer you a dreamy roadster
A one way writer
On the freeway

Dead Planet Blues

Dead Planet Blues

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
Come the dawn of day

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
When I’m gone
And when I shake the sadness
It’s for the beauty

I got the dead planet blues
Offered up my sadness for a song

I got the dead planet blues
Offer up my gladness before long

And when I break this sadness
With light resurrected in darkness
Changing water into wine
Wine into blood
Blood into endless consciousness
And when he took the sadness dna
He found the mansion of truth within truths
With destinies many worlds away