Searching for youth
Beauty and
The delusion of power’s control
With wisdom
A lost and forgotten angel
Straggling somewhere along the road

Sign while the world still loves you
Or go trailblazing through the unknown
The lewis and clark of the soul

Now that you’ve met the Avatar
There’s no longer any need
To regiment your adoration
Think of him
Or any image perceived
To be of him or her or thee
With every breath you breathe

How fortunate am I
To have discovered
The truth of his holy name


GOD’s Plan

GOD’s Plan

I’m just an agent in His plan
A secret service man
Come to pull
That sliver from your finger
Mad to flush that spec in your eye
That scrape on your knee
Chasing the heart that endlessly lingers
I’m just a man of destiny and fate
Saying “look what I can”
Got a photogenic mouth
I can go north or south
Whether inside or out
It don’t do no good to pout
When it’s all part of GOD’s plan

Dead Planet Blues

Dead Planet Blues

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
Come the dawn of day

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
When I’m gone
And when I shake the sadness
It’s for the beauty

I got the dead planet blues
Offered up my sadness for a song

I got the dead planet blues
Offer up my gladness before long

And when I break this sadness
With light resurrected in darkness
Changing water into wine
Wine into blood
Blood into endless consciousness
And when he took the sadness dna
He found the mansion of truth within truths
With destinies many worlds away

Crying Every Day

The following poem was written by hand in a motel
Due to evacuation during the Oregon wildfires;
The first time I wrote by hand in many moons

Crying Every Day


So when does the crying every day stop?

When does the party
On every street with music
And dancing celebration
Magic food and recreation

When the sunny summer
Picnic family reunion
Billows through the trees
On the lake
Running like a child
Or did it ever really happen

When does the violence in the street stop?
When do the poor and the hungry
And the broken
And the reviled
And the nothings
And the less than nothings dismantled
Disremembered disrememberings

Or is there anything the matter at all?


You once called me a great man

I don’t get the feeling
You’re so proud of me anymore
Held with nature’s sacred implements
To grind the ego down
For a song
In chimes of freedom ringing
Evil into good
Agony into love
Lust into enlightenment

You blew the dust from your palm
Into the night

A stampede of blue butterflies
Garlanded the sun


If there was a truth to tell
From where all the lonesome truth’s reside
If there was a word to say
That would make her broken spirit fly
If there was a song to sing
That made the bells of heaven ring
If there was a touch to touch
Within the swirling hurricane
If there was a walk to walk
If there was a stand to stand
If there was a kiss to kiss
Or just when we are holding hands

The Long Champagne

The Long Champagne

Everyone’s guilty
Everyone’s innocent to a degree
But if you ever cross that line

Sometimes we’re pushed
Sometimes we push
Sometimes we jump
Without a thump
Sometimes we’re all just doing fine
We’re so much closer than we think
Those lazy crazy summer days
On the brink
Those passion plays
Buy now pay later
Have another drink

Wave after wave
There is no separateness
Only the rhythms and the rhymes
In rich innumerable worlds
In a never ending ever present
Ongoing link

Of consciousness
Brightest on the night shift
The promulgation of the latest kiss
The only now
The swan song
The long champagne
I suppose there’s some stuff
Better left thrown away

All The Tenses Of Covet

All The Tenses Of Covet

I went to the crowded mall at Christmas
And saw what I perceived to be
Hundreds of lost and lonely souls
Or was I just raising myself above
And suddenly realized what it meant
When Jesus looked out at the crowd
And was moved with pity
For the people walking
In the mall of darkness darkness
Of which the Avatar Savior
Is the only plausible light

I said to myself
We are not zombies
We are not robots or drones

We’re jivatmas
All longing in our own way
To come home
To the source of love
Our magic Creator
Or whatever
All searching for that elusive happiness
Just out of sight

Maybe if I had a loud electronic megaphone
I could stand near the top of one of the escalators
And make that time honored profession

You won’t find your happiness here
Go home to your loved ones
And repent
The kingdom of heaven is at hand
A satan does not understand love
Since it’s the one thing it’s incapable of
A million times the pain
Or a million times the wine
The hurt and fear
The anguish
The dread
The defied deified
Sadness, sorrow, jealousy, hatred, adultery
All the tenses of covet
The inebriation’s, the mayhem
The deepening drums, the prideful coronets
The calculated self-destruction
The grand monolithic doom and gloom freeway
The murder, the molestation
The evil sanctioning, the selfish censoring
The written truth
If destroying my reality
Is a part of creating your own reality
I’m not for it

But instead I went home
And spoke with the woman next door
Pushing 90
She has a big snowman and an elf
On either side of her door
And peeking inside I saw a stack of presents
Half way up the wall
And a warmth of red and green glowing from inside
And the smell of pine and artificial snow spray wafting outward
As she brags to me how her 65 year old daughter
Bought her a TV for Christmas
And asks me if I want her old one, which is still good
And I realize she probably had more Christmas spirit
In her pinky
Than I had in my entire body
And I say to myself
Loosen up a little
Let people have fun
Maybe that’s what GOD would want on his birthday

Storming Heaven

Storming Heaven

So you’re storming heaven
But which one
The heavens are like a thousand shining jewels
Gloriously alluring, brilliantly intoxicating
Yet they become as cold stones
Without the infinite sun

So you’ve zazzened the pure void
Tasted ecstasy
Basked in the ineffable
Staggered by the weight of the beatific vision
Made love with god
Been destroyed and resurrected in one fell swoop
Privy to the whisperings of angels
Bursting forth within a fiery dynamic loop

Yet we have seen but a mere shadow of a shadow
Of the unknowing architect
Of the nothing
Of the infinite void
Came a ripple
And we are realizing GOD
Gazing into the infinite jeweled matrices
Of heaven in rivulets bursting
Forth in nectar power
Sinless glory
Or love that conquers any lack
Down the golden blood drenched scriptures
Ribboned ceremoniously neath precious angel light
Each holding the 4th akashic dimension
Each reverberating spontaneous treasures
Each singing existences of adoration celebrations
Like 18,000 sparkling diamonded necklaced worlds
In the nothing’s
Most brilliant shadow
In a dream where we know
We know GOD
O bold intrepid stranger
The psychedelic freeway leads nowhere fast
But ride on

The Long Promenade

The Long Promenade

I run on a different engine
I need a trans-dimensional octane
An alien blend
In viscous light

Being your stranger
Ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
The pain doesn’t bother me
But the meaninglessness
Somehow smudges up the sheen

You need an opiate
Or an amphetamine
Or a stiff double jack awake
I need less drama and performances
Then I’m fine

You need more love
I provide a fire
But I now need a reason
To walk the line

Some say it’s over
Or never began
I’ll tell you anything

I ask only because I wondered
If you knew
You can lose everything
If you try really hard

It’s true
You can have anything
If you have enough

Garbage removal
Ect…etc… etc… ad infinitum

You mentioned the word love

What can my own thought’s do
I am a tiny ant on a tiny ant hill
A scintilla
A practically imperceptible glimmer
In the long promenade
You dictate from your all knowing tower
The ruler of the nothing appears
But holds no power over you

Your heart holds the unknown hidden
Apparently nonexistent chains
Of molecular treasure
Inside the deep within
That holds the key
To the Nothing and the Everything

I Dreamed She Had A Dream Of Me, Good Bye

I Dreamed She Had A Dream Of Me

In the receiving of today’s news
And social media
It’s not difficult to forget
The value of human life
Any photo copy of a photo copy
Of a photo copy
With magnesium
A facsimile of a what
An email
Another breath
Take 2 a day and you’re all right
I guess so
Round and on it goes
And it never stops
It just goes and goes
But we know what each other does
So we can interpret how much
Money we make
So we can negotiate
Our materialistically spiritual fate
Are you relaxed or funny or not
Or just weird
How much do we weigh
Are we single
Any diseases we should know about
Like religion
On camera from birth
Our intrinsic worth
And once all that’s processed
Sometimes I feel
It would take a miracle
To untie these post modern entanglements
The people the elite murder in silence
Don’t die
They live on as supernatural soldiers
At war in unseen nether worlds
With the energies of darkness
That had become their idols
In gross form
Undercover zombies
Trans-hallucinatory fallen angels
Feeding on residents of peaceful
Neighborhoods here in america
The bastards
The burden of pride now lifted
Even guillotined
And things began to make proper sense
We aren’t required to cry
It gets in the way
Of our occasionally necessary sub human
Lack of imagination

I had to give my crackhead
Friend a ride to work this morning
He didn’t answer his phone
I called 3 times
I worried he might be dead
Already I began thinking
I’ll get his money
So Beano doesn’t get it
He’d want me to do that
However his death had been greatly exaggerated
In my mind
He was fine

But there’s nothing like the smell of death
To get you to take a quick detour
Through a long quarantined hidden side
Of consciousness
A cogent reminiscence

But then hurry up get back to
Hold it in
Turn it off
Rub some dirt in it
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up

Get back to not feeling anything anymore
At all
Hurry up

I dreamed she had a dream of me
In which I said
Come to my bed
My bed is the heart

The Silence Of Meher Baba


The Silence Of Meher Baba

It’s easy to be critical of the criticized
With a prejudicial judgement
Based upon false claims
What’s based on truth
Should always be preeminent
The more sane I am
The more I am insane

Take this junk heap pile
Of information
Take it to the cemetery
Take it to the grave
It’s GOD’s will
If it’s GOD’s will
Then nothing can destroy us
But who could ever hope
To only do the will of GOD
And not know what the difference meant

I’ll give you my pound of pain
My pound of pleasure
I’ll give you my soul symphony
My box of rain
Making a new
Better song onward for forever
Where the silence
Of Meher Baba
Is proclaimed
How could we have been given
A computer
Of this great magnetically magnified
Without the word made manifest
In the vibrance of His Holy Name