The Wild Wild Past

The Wild Wild Past

For me
Finally understanding
Is a cold comfort
Sad event
Seeing myself
Portrayed as often idiotic
A bit actor
A roll player at best

You can almost hear me
If you listen
In the background
In a whisper
Telling great tales
Of lost treasure
From the wild wild past


When Love’s Awoken & “Loved” (a Mother’s Day poem)

When Love’s Awoken

So I was in the sunshine
A little too long
But those days are gone
Took me 40 years
Of hard work to recover
But came back strong

Tried to find out what’s been spoken
Tried to heal what went wrong
And right what was the problem
Blah, blah, blah
But came back broken

Though I wasn’t fixed
I’m now hip to their tricks
Especially when they say
You know nothing of pain
And I tell them
Don’t tempt your own misfortune

When love’s awoken


Mom I don’t know
If you now hear me
From the other side

But thank you for all the gifts
You gave me
Especially the ones called “loved”
Through hard wor


Eyes Of The Soul

Eyes Of The Soul

Who am I
A mere ant
Bearing the burden of insignificance
With great pride,
Think I know the world?
I know nothing

Why am I
Who gave me this crown
Of consciousness, self-consciousness
Infinite awareness
Human child
Bold Sojourner
Crying out as an ant
Pushing the perfect grain of sand
Toward home,
Please open the eyes of my soul




You can’t convert
A convinced democrat or republican –
You can only make them hate you

Let’s change the subject
Away from this ultra sensitive issue
I’m a poet, not a politician
Let’s talk about religion
For a while

Like atheism

Some atheists please GOD more
Than many of the self-proclaimed pious
And they have a right to their beliefs

It’s only when they impose
Their beliefs on others
And become militant
Like stalin did
During his reign as dictator of russia
Exterminating at least 13,000,000 christians
And where at least a hundred and six thousand priests
Were executed
In marxist, leninist russia
Where religion was a crime


Deepest Roses

Deepest Roses

Why segregate ourselves
By augmenting and deepening the rifts
Between factions and persuasions
Politics and precepts,
Ethnic and racial divides
With all the claiming and blaming
Politics as usual
Accentuating the differences
Heightening the rage
Building walls, driving wedges
Guzzling the media-centric kool-aid
Spiked with transient
Post modern
Programmable hypnotic implants

Why not celebrate
Things that unite us as human
Things we can do together
What we can learn from each other
What we can give to each other
The things we can heal in each other
One human family
One soul
With liberty and justice
And if not justice
Then mercy
In the pursuit of love
For all
Is what spirituality is,
What religion attempts to be
As a formula, or a system
Or an instruction manual
Or a cultural re-education program
With boxes and boxes
Of time honored methodological tools
To augment the transmission

But if I had a wish to wish
In the garden of flowers and dreams
It would be
To experience the intoxicating fragrance there,
Of your deepest roses

Back In The Antediluvian Day

Back In The Antediluvian Day

Alas, I managed to escape
The imposed mediocrity
Of humanism, communism
And atheistic materialism

It is a cruel mercy
To introduce us
At this late great hour
When even the tender delusion
Of a material certainty
Is no longer believable

All politics aside
All secular debate
School and pre school training
Does it stimulate ideas
Does it say something worth saying

Some bird wakes up
With the first initial particle of light
At the primeval dawn
Back in the antediluvian day

And that bird just proclaims
And keeps proclaiming
Something better’s
On its way

Dead Planet Blues

Dead Planet Blues

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
Come the dawn of day

I got the
What if we’re just deadpans
On a dead planet blues
I’ll shake the sadness
When I’m gone
And when I shake the sadness
It’s for the beauty

I got the dead planet blues
Offered up my sadness for a song

I got the dead planet blues
Offer up my gladness before long

And when I break this sadness
With light resurrected in darkness
Changing water into wine
Wine into blood
Blood into endless consciousness
And when he took the sadness dna
He found the mansion of truth within truths
With destinies many worlds away



Code is made to be broken
Douglas MacArthur
Code can be fixed
For the lazy and weak to hide behind
Like drinks
Mickey Finn

Roads that were once
Are gone in the night life
Years that weren’t there fly by
In the things we find comfort
Meaning lost enough in
To forget our plight
Or found enough in
To dissolve the delusion
And to see all the more
With a brand new bright light

Please take this feeling
Of empty loneliness away
And trade it for a song to sing
Trade it for a brand new day
Trade it for a bell to ring
Straight through the heart
Trade it for a diamond ring
Trade it for the greatest thing
Way back in the be-gin-ning
Trade it for something
Or somebody to love
There’s no getting beneath
The zeitgeist feminist sheik
I wonder if I’m wasting your time
Falling in love

Love Another Day

Love Another Day

Sometimes I get tired of the pain
Tired of the heart break
He said
You’ll think it was all worth it and more
At some simultaneous point
Named consciousness exists
Where I is the impossible
Perfect I, your eminence
My prerequisite
Like a star (suns to others) radiates
Like the pure light within you
In the ephemeral libation
As I am human
Or a just another animal awake
An ego with no palatial recreation
A mere miracle
We made
Or a miraculous miracle
To guide our way on
To love another day